We are committed to creating smart irrigation management systems that will help make a better tomorrow

Who we are

Established in 2017 Revalcon is solving complicated technological challenges in the irrigation processes. Being an Armenian technology brand in agriculture we have a global vision. Revalcon offers END to END solutions. Based on the new LORA technology, the entire irrigation process is controlled both through mobile and web applications using IOT. The service monitors the operation of pumps and valves, collects information from the fields. Using weather and humidity data, users can adjust the irrigation schedule. In addition, the technology provides Machine-to-Machine interaction at a distance of up to 15 km with minimal energy consumption.

Our Team​

Seryozha Barkhudaryan

COO and Co-Founder

Artyom Tonoyan

CTO and Co-Founder

Grigori Kartashyan

CTO and Co-Founder